The “Arturo Toscanini” Institute of Advanced Music Studies, close to become “State Conservatoire of Music”, is a pole of excellence and is one of the 73 Italian public Institutions of High Artistic Musical Training (AFAM) sector with over 350 students coming from 35 Municipalities of different provinces. The only University AFAM Institution in the Province of Agrigento.

Type of active courses: the new system foresees first and second level Academic Diploma Courses, specialization courses, research training courses, specialization courses or masters courses.

There are currently active:

N°.27 First level Academic Diploma Courses and related Pre-Academic Basic Training Courses: Bass Guitar, Pop-Rock Bass Guitar, Bass Tuba, Drums and Jazz Percussion, Drums and Pop Rock Percussion, Singing (Lyrical), Jazz Singing, Pop Rock Singing, Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Pop Rock Guitar, Clarinet, Double Bass, Horn, Euphonium, Flute, Piano, Piano Jazz, Pop Rock Piano and Electronic Keyboards, Saxophone Jazz, Percussion instruments, Trumpet, Jazz Trumpet, Trombone, Viola, Violin and Cello.

N°. 23 Regulated direction Second level Academic Diploma Courses: Bass Guitar, Bass Tuba, Drums and Jazz Percussion, Singing (Lyrical), Jazz Singing, Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Clarinet, Double Bass, Horn, Euphonium, Flute, Chamber Music, Piano, Piano Jazz, Saxophone Jazz, Percussion instruments, Trumpet, Jazz Trumpet, Trombone, Viola, Violin and Cello.

Beginning from the Academic year 2018/19, the Basic First Level Courses were established in the context of Recurring and Permanent Training (FREP) in accordance to the Ministerial guidelines, and pursuant to Legislative Decree 60/17 and to the related Ministerial Decree 382, the Preparatory courses of maximum three-year preparatory duration for the admission to all First Level AFAM Courses.

Among the priority objectives: teaching and artistic production with particular attention to the artistic / professional training of the students through concert production initiatives, competitions, workshops, masters, seminars, scholarships in collaboration with other organizations, foundations, associations, AFAM institutions and especially with FEMURS (Regional Music Federation with Trapani and Messina Conservatoires); school-work continuity through the establishment of agreements and agreements with other organizations (Theaters, Associations, affiliated offices, territorial Bodies) in order to favor the insertion of our students into the world of work and artistic production; the dissemination of musical culture through agreements, conventions, collaborations with the many educational institutions with a musical and non-territorial orientation, as well as various training activities aimed at ongoing and recurrent training; the internationalization of teaching and artistic activity through the important international partnerships, supplemented by the most recent agreements with the Windsor Piano Academy in London and the State Conservatoire of Petrozavodsk (Russian Federation), with which to strengthen the collaboration for Masterclass, Competitions and events, with mobility study and for traineeship students and Outgoing and Incoming teachers, in the latter case as already implemented with the Klaipeda University of Vilnius and with the Valencia Conservatory.

The Excellency of Toscanini: The Institute carries out several production activities collaborating with Theatres, Foundations, Associations, Festivals (Pirandello Theatre of Agrigento, Massimo Theatre and Sinphonic Orchestral Foundation of Palermo, Samonà Theatre of Sciacca, Municipal Theatre of Vittoria, Greek Theatre of Segesta, Festival Le Dionisiache of Calatafimi / Segesta, Maenza Festival, Schweitzer Festival of Palermo etc) and with the Municipalities of the territory in order to highlight young talents and complete their training; the Institute has distinguished itself by obtaining the 2nd place in 2014 in the National Competition “Conservatoires in comparison – Rai Uno Mattina”; many of our young talents have distinguished themselves throughout the years and still continue to be ranked in the top positions in various National and International Competitions recently obtaining a high honour from the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Republic to one of the University students, for having distinguished himself in International level competitions; several graduates or undergraduate students are already enrolled in the world of work, in orchestras, even foreign, or in the field of Musical Education. In the last six years, for the variety of educational activities and services offered, the Institute have been increasing own University students coming from all over the Sicily, from other Italian Regions and other Countries, registering an increase of enrolled students in Academic Courses of about 700%.